About Us

The Cheese Boat was the brain child of Geraldine Prescott who, with her husband Michael, wanted a way to turn a passion for narrow boating into something profitable. After tasting the range of cheeses from the Snowdonia Cheese Company based in Rhyl, they decided that dairy was the way forward.

They approached Snowdonia Cheese about the idea of selling their cheeses from their boat on the side of the canals and fortunately the cheese company thought it was a good idea. The Cheese Boat was born. Success came quickly, and before long they added Caw Cenarth Cheese Co (which is a small family enterprise based in Cardigan) products to their list.

Geraldine and Michael covered the canal system introducing Welsh cheese to everyone. Living and working with so much cheese would put a lot of people off the products but Geraldine and Michael still indulge on a regular basis.